Grease/oil type aerosols

White grease with PTFE

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Copper grease

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Silicone grease

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Clear grease

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Clear fine oil

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Battery terminal protector

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Foodsafe Lube Aerosol

Food Safe lube aerosol is a non toxic lubricant specially formulated for use in all food areas. Ideal for use on conveyor belts, light machinery and in any area which may come into accidental contact with food stuffs

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Chain and Cable Lube

Chain and Cable Lube, penetrating, anti fling formula, rubber grommet friendly, for heavyweight drive chains , eg fork lift trucks, masts, motor cycle chains
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Graphite Penetrating Spray 500ml x 6

  • Graphite Penetrating Spray rapidly and efficiently loosens and frees seized nuts, bolts and hinges 
  • Spray gives a grey low viscosity highly penetrating liquid
  • Incorporates a residual lubricant to help reduce friction during dismantling, leaves a film to help protect against further corrosion
  • SAS1
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