Anti-freeze Testers


Thexton Antifreeze Tester

  • Antifreeze tester
  • Disc Type
  • Accurate at all temperatures
  • Tests coolant hot or cold
  • 6th disc shows over protection and loss of cooling efficiecy
  • QTY. 1



KS Refractometer

  • Refractometer
  • For quick precise optical testing of antifreeze content in coolant, battery acid and windscreen washer fluid.
  • 5 Scales for
  • Cooling water Propylene 0 deg to -50 deg C
  • Cooling water Ethylene 0 deg to -50 deg C
  • Screen washer water 0 deg to -40 deg C
  • Adjustable calibration features
  • With ATC adjustable temperature compensation which enables use at ambient temperature of under 10 deg C (Bi-metalic measurement correction
  • Supplied in storage case with foam insert