UV Handlamp


Ring High Powered COB Handlamp with UV

  • Complete with 230v mains charging adaptor
  • COB technology
  • High power UV functionCharging station for easy recharge
  • Magnetic belt clip

UV Dye for Automotive Oils and Fuels

  • Detect engine oils (mineral and synthetic) hydaulic oil and petrol / diesel fluid leaks
  • 250ml bottle

UV Dye for Coolant Systems

  • Add to coolant system to detect leaks in water pipes and radiators
  • 25ml bottle

UV Dye for Surface Water Leaks

  • Spray onto bodywork and window seals using a spray bottle to detect surface leaks
  • 25ml bottle

UV Dye Cleaner / Degreaser Spray

  • For cleaning up excess dye
  • 500ml Trigger Spray